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All About Fortnite Missions

Fortnite missions are known for their challenging nature. There are four different types of Fortnite missions: the time-limited ones, the unlimited missions, and questline tasks. All these missions focus on “Saving the World”.

All About Fortnite Missions

Fortnite missions are tasks meant to save the world! The ultimate core gameplay items during a mission will increase your chances of winning Fortnite. Every mission comes with a unique objective. Indeed, you have a variety of objectives to choose from. In addition to primary objectives, you have side objectives to handle. An overall result of your mission in this game is actually earning Fortnite rewards.

A Definition: Side objectives in Fortnite are small activities. These activities are available during the main mission. The side objectives don’t contribute to the main mission. However, you will receive rewards after every side objective. This includes resources -, BluGlo- or other rewards.

#1 Unlimited Fortnite Missions

There are many Fortnite missions to choose from. Two important categories would be the unlimited and time-limited missions.

Unlimited missions are further broken down into three types: deliver the bomb, fight the storm and ride the lightning.

fortnite missions

Deliver the bomb involves two major phases. This would be the construction stage and unrestricted resource gathering phase. Once you are done with construction and unrestricted gathering, a bomb needs to be escorted to the launcher and initiate the “defense” phase.

Another interesting Fortnite mission with one defense phase is “Fight the storm”. This mission has both a construction phase and unrestricted gathering.

“Ride the Lighting” comes with two defense phases. Just like every other unlimited Fortnite mission, you have a construction phase and unrestricted gathering.

#2 Time Limited Missions

There six different types of time-limited missions. This includes the following: build the radar grid, destroy the encampments, evacuate the shelter, rescue the survivors, retrieve the data and survive the storm.

“Build the Radar Grid” is a time-limited mission where you should spot and construct at least three radar towers. At most, you can have five radar towers. As suggested by its name, “Destroy the Encampments” is all about destroying encampments.

Top Point: Encampment is an important task in Fortnite.

According to recent stats, “Rescue the Survivors” is everyone’s favorite Fortnite mission. This is where you find and rescue survivors. In Fortnite, the process of finding and rescuing survivors is not a simple task. You should go through hundreds of monsters and kill as many as possible before rescuing survivors. In the long run, survivors can increase your chances of winning!

The Others

Few other Fortnite missions would be “Repair the Shelter” and “Play with Others”. Likewise, you have questline missions like “Launch the Rocket”, “Storm Shield Defense” and “Protect the Servers”.

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