Fortnite Cheats & Secrets

Games like the Fortnite become more interesting and simpler with the right Fortnite cheats. The cheats will help you make more V-bucks, protect yourself from danger and fly forever. Here are few Fortnite cheats you must know.

Fortnite Cheats Every Player Should Know

You might be reading this article because you are playing Fortnite for several weeks. And, you have no way of buying new skins or weapons. All your opponents have access to unique themes that are both useful and striking. Doesn’t this sound like you are broke in Fortnite? Is there a survival strategy for you? Well, there are few Fortnite cheats to push you forward.

Definition: Cheats and hacks in video games are used to increase your chances of winning. With the help of cheats and hacks, you can extend your lifetime, buy more weapons and customize gameplay as much as possible.

How To Make V-Bucks?

In order to change the skin of your gameplay, you must have sufficient V-Bucks.

Technically, Fortnite V-bucks is decided by the actual game. In fact, it is strongly related to the gaming platform. The way you make V-bucks will differ from the Mac to the Xbox One to the PS4 to the PC. Epic has introduced many changes in the past few months. These updates have made the process of securing V-Bucks tougher.

fortnite cheats

A secret: Though the process of securing V-bucks is tough, it is not impossible. You have many Fortnite cheats to push you forward.

How To Attack Like A Pro?

This is definitely one of Fortnite’s finest cheats. A lot of players wonder how to attack without being detected. Attacking opponents is an important strategy in Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to become an invisible attacker, you should make use of the roof cheat.

To begin with, you must build a roof. Then, stay on the roof! Experts would question: “does the roof have an entrance?”. This is where the exact cheat lies. You must use the edit button and the roof will be transparent. Now, you can enter into the roof and hide there.

When compared to huge forts and walls, the roof cheat is truly effective.

The Infinite Move

Last but certainly not least, you have the infinite gliding cheat. This cheat may not increase your chances in the game. However, it is a fun-filled hack. Almost all players end up trying this cheat some time or the other.

As suggested by its name, you should jump from the moving airbus, and hit the space button! This will relocate you to another destination. As you keep pressing the “space” button, you will be continuously relocated. This means you will never land on the map.

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