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Fortnite Defenders Guide

Fortnite defenders play an integral role in various missions and battles. There are four types of Fortnite defenders. Every defender has unique qualities, strengths, weaknesses, and a weapon.

Everything You Should Know About Fortnite Defenders

If someone tells you that Fortnite defenders are trash, ignore them immediately!

Players cannot claim that the Fortnite defenders are more important than the heroes and players. But, a player who is as strong as the defender can always be helpful. This is why you should not steer away from Fortnite defenders. They will come in handy during the Fortnite gameplay.

According to the Fortnite community, some missions will become lucky when you have a defender by your side. They will increase your chances of winning. Furthermore, defenders can push you into games that opponents might be queuing for. You cannot do many things in Fortnite alone. This is why every player should rescue survivors and have a defender.

How Do You Equip A Defender?

There are two unique slots for defenders. The defenders play an integral role in the out-of-mission tasks. There are two different types of defenders: mission- and storm shield- defenders.

The ultimate goal of mission defenders is to handle and battle during missions. On the other hand, storm shield defenders can be used only as a defense against the storm.

fortnite defenders

To use a defender, you must have one of the Fortnite defenders slotted in the out-of-mission slots. If you are battling in an active mission, you will need at least a single defender to go forward.

The Defender and The Battlefield!

Using defenders in the Fortnite battlefield is an art. You must place the defender in one of the “Defender pads”. Now, the defender pad can be crafted using the trap menus. Then, you should assign the pad to the defender.

Once the defender and his pad are set, you must assign ammo and a weapon. This is when the defender becomes prepared for the battle.

Different Types Of Defenders

In Fortnite, you have four different Fortnite defenders to choose from. Every defender comes with unique qualities and rarities.

For example, the rifleman is trained to use assault rifles. The gunslinger is capable of handling submachine guns and pistols. The sniper is responsible for using sniper rifles. The shotgunner has mastered the art of using shotguns.

How Do Fortnite Defenders Play?

The moment a Fortnite defender has something significant to fight with (weapon), they will attack automatically when enemies are nearby (within their view). During the attack, the gun loses durability and the ammo gets expend. These changes are permanent.

Moreover, husks cannot kill Fortnite defenders. There are different types of Fortnite Monsters available in this game. If you improve yourself in this regard, you can be the last survivor in the game.

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