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Guide for Top Fortnite Heroes

Fortnite is rich in challenges and features! The game is known for its powerful heroes. Four major Fortnite heroes would be the soldier, outlander, ninja, and constructor. Every Fortnite hero has unique powers and rewards.

Top Fortnite Heroes!

Gone are the days when Fortnite was a game of building and killing! Today, this survival-based shooting game features a range of tough tasks and hustles. If you are planning to play Fortnite, there are few things you must know.

To begin with, you should be aware of the Fortnite heroes. Without a Fortnite hero, the game becomes extremely challenging. It is important to choose a hero you like and know. Remember, Fortnite heroes can increase your chances of winning the game. This is why a new hero should be unlocked as you proceed into the game. In this short article, you will read about few important Fortnite heroes.

Hero #1 – Soldier

As expected, a soldier is one of the most common and basic Fortnite people. Every soldier in this Epic game is carefully designed. In fact, you can pick a soldier from different classes. The class determines how quickly the hero gets damaged. Also, it determines how quickly the hero can access mines and grenades.

Fortnite features a wide range of explosive weapons and gadgets. These weapons are required to increase your chances of winning. A major drawback with the soldier would be the process of finding the right ones of “good” class.

A Secret: If you want a Fortnite hero who can tackle damages, you need a soldier.

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Hero #2 – Constructor

The “Constructor” will help you with the building.

Buildings play an important role in Fortnite. It is an integral component of Fortnite’s core mechanisms. Every player should engage in a considerable amount of building. For example, they should defend storms using forts. If you are someone who enjoys building, the constructor will help you.

The right building system can handle huge amounts of damage. They will help you build strong structures at lower rates.

The problem with the constructor would be the damage they can handle. When compared to the ninja or solider, constructors can tackle very little damage.

Hero #3 – Ninja

The talk about Fortnite heroes will be incomplete without the ninja.

The ninja is what every player dreams of. Ninja offers quick movements, high speed, and the ability to tackle intense damage. Ninjas can handle damage caused by brutal weapons! The only problem with ninjas would be a poor defense. Their mind is too quick and not programmed to defend. This means you will have a tough time holding a ninja in a single place.

Another important hero in the game would be the “Outlander”. This class is known for its ability to loot and explore as far as possible.

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