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Fortnite Battle Royale has become a true leader in the gaming industry. To know your progress, performance scores wins, deaths, and stats at a global level, use the Fortnite tracker.

Top Three Fortnite Trackers

Are you excited to battle against your friends and colleagues? Are you excited about Fortnite: Battle Royale? If yes, you will definitely find the Fortnite tracker useful.

By definition, the Fortnite tracker helps in understanding your global rank. With every game, you will receive a global ranking. The ranking depends on how many wins, kills, and matches you die. The kill to death ratio plays a vital role in your global ranking. Also, the ranking depends on the total number of Fortnite matches you have played.

It is quite interesting to note that you have a variety of options for tracking your overall progress. In this short article, you will read about the most common and effective Fortnite trackers.

Remember, when you become an ardent Fortnite player, you will want more ways of tracking progress and performance.

The Finest Fortnite Tracker

To begin with, “Fortnite tracker” is one of the best leaderboards around. As suggested by its name, it helps players track their progress. The tracker comes with an interesting collection of variables. Few notable variables in the Fortnite tracker are:

  • You can calculate the number of kills you make every minute.
  • You can count the number of resources you have bagged with every challenge.

fortnite tracker

To activate this Fortnite tracker, you must use your Epic Account Name. All ranks and scores will be tracked against your Epic Account name.

Here are few tips on how to get your Epic Account Name:

  • You must log in to your Xbox One or PS4 account on its official website. If you have already logged in, please log out.
  • As you log in you will be prompted to create an Epic account.
  • The Epic account will appear in the top-right corner of the page.
  • Open your Epic account to gather details about your performance and scores.

Another Fortnite Tracker

Another impressive Fortnite tracker would be “Storm Shield One”.

This is a leaderboard with few filters. It is meant for players who would want to know how they have stacked up on a broader scale. It comes in handy when you want to track progress in games in “Save the World”.

A Secret: Save the world has a high number of players. Currently, there are more than 10 million active instances of Save the World.

Just like FortniteTracker, you can use your Epic name in Storm Shield One. By learning Fortnite survivors features, you can take yourself further in the rankings in the game.

Bonus Tip: Fortnite Stats is another Fortnite tracker that highlights player performance statistically.

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