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Important Fortnite Controls

Fortnite game is becoming as famous as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. To win the game, you must be aware of Fortnite controls. Here are few Fortnite controls for you.

Important Fortnite Controls

For decades, gamers have become familiar with big-budget consoles and PC games. Today, the gaming industry has become more mobile. This means your heavy, scaled-up games are becoming cheesy and small. A lot of players wonder if gaming controls would differ between PC and mobile devices. Well, the Fortnite controls will be more or less the same on all four platforms: PS4, PC, mobile, and Xbox.

You will see similar content and controls.

With this being said, let’s figure out more about the Fortnite controls.

In Your PC

In your PC, the Fortnite controls are quite similar to what you will find in any other traditional shooting game. To move, you must use the arrow keys. You can move up, down, to the right, or to the left. Likewise, you can use the A, W, S, and D keys for movement. In order to jump, you must hit the space button. The left button in your mouse is for resurrecting, crafting, and shooting. The right button in your mouse is for changing building materials or zooming in. To choose weapons you must hit the middle button in your mouse.

Few other keys are:

  • R for reloading the game.
  • E for interacting with game items
  • G for editing the building
  • F for repairing the building
  • I for selecting the pickaxe

fortnite controls

In Your PS4

In your PS4 the controls are quite similar to the PC controls. What makes the Fortnite controls easy to remember is that they are universal.

The arrow pointing downwards in your PS4 is for accessing the map. The arrow pointing upwards will guide you to the Emoji. You can use “L” for sprinting or movement. The letter “R” is for repairing buildings and camera control. To change building material you must select “L1”. And, to rotate any crafted item, you must select “R1”. You can jump using the “X” key and change combat mode with the “Power” key.

Fortnite Controls: In Your Xbox

Xbox One has buttons that are quite similar to the PS4. The Map and Emoji controls are the same in the PS4 and your Xbox. To set a trap in the game, you should use the “RT” key. And, to navigate through previous crafting objects, you should select “LB”. Select “Y” to pick up traps and “A” for jumping”. To change your combat mode, click on “B”.

fortnite controls

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