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In Fortnite, you have many landing options. Every Fortnite location comes with unique rewards, dangers, and surprises. The best Fortnite locations or landing positions will help you loot, kill and build strong structures.

Top Three Fortnite Locations

It is very important to pick the right Fortnite locations. For your inventory to overflow with ammo and weapons, you must ensure that the right location is picked. Else, you will be floating in the water, running aimlessly and nothing useful will come around during your gameplay.

Every week, Fortnite releases a range of new locations. Some locations offer plenty of opportunities for looting and some have too many enemies. This is why you should understand the game and pick an ideal Fortnite location to land.

Choosing the right landing spot is a difficult task. This is because you have many Fortnite locations to choose from. There are numerous places to loot. However, some of these places will be dangerous and you are more likely to be killed. For example, Retail Row and Flush Factory have plenty of loot chests. Unfortunately, these places are too crowded and you may not have a high chance of survival.

fortnite locations

Always decide on a Fortnite location that is least popular and safe. Meanwhile, you must ensure that the place has resources like stone, metal, and wood! You must be able to enjoy a good loot at the destination. By learning Fortnite traps, you can know the safe zones in the game and win.

Fortnite Location #1

Fatal Fields is a good location to land. It is located in the southernmost parts of the map. This is a peaceful destination where very few players decide to land. Fatal Fields are surrounded by barns and farms. You will spot occasional chests at this place. One of the finest things about fatal fields would be the weapons you are bound to find. You will see many rocket launchers and shotguns in this field.

Fatal Fields has a small bridge with a chest buried under it. Don’t forget to keep an eye on this chest.

Fortnite Location #2

Moisty Mire is definitely a least expected place for landing. This is why Moisty Mire is a safe destination. As suggested by its name, Moisty Mire is a huge swamp with few structures. Moisty Mire has two to three chests. If you walk northwest in Moisty Mire, you will come across a prison with plenty of things to loot.

Fortnite Location #3

Most Fortnite heroes spend their time near Retail Row. They forget the lonely lodge. The lonely lodge is close to retail row. It is big and filled with chests at all times. At the lonely lodge, you will find a good amount of ammo, weapons, and 2-3 chests.

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