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Top Destinations in The Fortnite Map

Fortnite Battle Royale is a game of building, fighting, and winning. To make the most of this game, you should know where to land on the Fortnite map. Here are the top five destinations for you to land on the Fortnite map.

Top Destinations in The Fortnite Map

The Fortnite map has 20 different regions for exploring. The Battle Royale map is known for its unique opportunities, sensational spots for looting, and close-quarter fights. Some of these destinations are more popular than the rest. This means players who are aware of what to expect in each individual region will be able to fight immediately.

In this short article, you will read about what you should look for in the Fortnite map.

Destination #1

The talk about the Fortnite map will be incomplete without the “Anarchy Acres”. This is a beautiful, rural destination loaded with farmyards and fields. Anarchy Acres is loaded with buildings that have at least a chest or two. As you dig deeper, you will find plenty of regions with extra chests and ammo. The northernmost house is known for its hidden treasures.

Anarchy Acres is a wonderful place to begin. The place is closely knitted. In this location, you must keep an eye on the haystacks, barns, and nearby houses. If possible, break down the silos and look for chests.

At the Anarchy Acres, you must remember that few more players may think and search for you.

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Destination #2

Another interesting location on the Fortnite map would be the “Dusty Depot”. The dusty depot is an industrial area. It is located at the center of the map. The dusty depot is known for its chests, harvest materials, and loot. At the dusty depot, you must search through warehouses. There are high chances of you finding loot at the narrow spots.

Destination #3

Another interesting location near the Anarchy Acres would be the Fatal Fields. This is a sensational farming area in Battle Royale. Fatal Fields is positioned at the southernmost parts of Fortnite gameplay. When you land at Fatal Fields, look for loot. Don’t forget to check beneath the bridges. These spots are known for their chests and hidden treasures.

Destination #4

Do you know that the Flush Factory at the southwest corner has plenty of loot and chest? This is a famous landing spot amongst experienced Fortnite players. In such a place, you will have a high chance of finding harvestable items. Remember, other players, are trying to empty the Flush Factory. That is why you should act fast in this specific region.

Destination #5

Last but certainly not least, you must check out the Greasy Grove. This is a residential area with gas stations and restaurants. Novice players are often attracted to the Greasy Grove.


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